Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picture wall

We wanted to be able to display random picture we have. Some are left overs from school photos, but most of them, while cool, are not  really frame worthy; random shots of good times, loved ones, vacations, spontaneous moments, you know what I am talking about. But we thought these pictures were to cool to just leave in the seldom looked at photo boxes or albums.  So we set out to find a way to display these cool pictures in a really cool way!  

This is simple.

Here is what you need. 
Curtain rod (not pictured)
Used chain
Misc "s" Hooks and Clips
Pliers (not pictured)

Hang the rod on a wall (make sure it is level) then take the used chain and wrap it around the rod.

Hook the chain into itself.  Let it hang and decide what length you want the chain, ours hangs 54 inches long.  Now with pliers open one of the links and remove the extra chain.  (make sure you close the link back up)

Now repeat as many times as you want or with as much chain as you have.  We had enough chain to do 10 rows.

Once you have all the chain rows you want, space them apart evenly. (or as best you can. The chains are swinging a little in the picture below so it looks a little weird.)

Now attach the "s" hook.

Add the clip to the picture and hang!

As a bonus we found this wood sign at a yard sale for 2 bucks! 

And that is it!  This is really simple and yet a really cool way to display those pictures collecting dust in a box or a album.  Have fun with this project and get everyone involved. ReLIVE those moments, LAUGH with each other and remember why you are putting these pictures up....LOVE.