Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing card purse

Want to be the talk of the party?? Show up with this purse.

We all have a board game that is missing pieces, or a deck of cards that is missing a 4 of hearts. Instead of throwing them away ( or recycling them!!!) why not make this cool upcycled card purse!

Here is what you will need.

1 deck of cards, they can be anything, Poker, Uno, Monopoly property, etc. (We had a set of Uno that seems to be missing about 20 cards.)
X-acto blade
Duct tape
Clear tape ( we used the clear tape on this project, however after finishing it we thought that contact paper or self stick laminate would work better. Not that the clear tape didn't work, we just thought it would be easier to cut out the shape in one large piece then several pieces.  You can find contact paper and self stick laminate usually in near kitchen items.)
Something to trace out the handle
A cutting surface
A ruler

First you want to cut out the pattern for your purse.  We used two old purses Mrs. Awesome had lying around to make our template.  There is no right or wrong here.  We found this metal thing in our catch all drawer and used it to trace out the opening for the handle.

When you are happy with your template cut it out.

Next you need to make Duct Tape fabric.  If you have never done it, don't stress, it is super easy. First cut off a piece of Tape longer the your template. Lay it sticky side down.  Next cut another piece of tape the same length and over lap it on to the first piece of tape.

Keep adding a strip of Duct Tape until the fabric is larger then your template.

Now, carefully, pull the Duct Tape up and flip it over so the sticky side is facing up.

It is time to add the cards.  Start on the bottom row first.  Add cards one by one, lining up the edges. Add them any way you want. There is no right or wrong to this. 

Now move to the next row. Because of the size of our template the middle row is turned on its side.  However you might find that your purse is bigger so you will not have to do this. ( Another note. The Uno cards we used did not have square corners, as you can see in the top picture with the red 6 and green 7. This is not a problem. The card are protected when you add the clear tape or contact paper.

Add the last row and you are finished.
Now put your template on top of the cards just to make sure you have enough cards on the Duct Tape fabric. Add more if you need it. We had plenty so we trimmed off the extra Duct tap on the edges.

Now you have one card sheet.  Take your clear tape and just like the duct tape, over lap the strips only this time on the front of the play cards. This will protect the cards and make the whole sheet stronger. 

(This is the point we thought the contact paper or laminate would work better. This way you can cut one big sheet instead of the 6 or 7 strips of the clear tape.  Either way go slow and smooth out so you don't have any bubbles)

Now repeat the same steps as above so you end up with two sheets of playing cards.

Next take your template lay it on top of your cards and with the X-acto blade cut out your purse shape on the card sheet.

Now you have the front and the back panels cut out.  Time to work on the side. 

Start again by making Duct Tape fabric. Place one card down vertically and cut a piece of Duct tape just longer then the length of the card. We suggest you over lap the cards by at least an inch. This over lap of tape is what will connect the sides with the front and back pieces you just made.

Add the next card on top of the first card to make one single card sheet.  Add the next piece of Duct Tape and so on.  Keep going until you have all the cards to need. Our side strip contained 13 cards.

Once you have the card sheet set, turn it over so the sticky part is facing up, and trim the duct tape. Remember to leave a little over hang to attach this strip to the front and back panel pieces.

When you are done trimming,cut the duct tape, towards the playing cards, into little tabs about a half an inch to an inch wide.  This will help the tape fold around the edges of the front and back panels and the tape won't bunch up on you.

Now it is time to attach the front and back pieces.  We used 13 cards in the side strip and we used 5 cards on the bottom row of the front and back of the bag, so finding the middle was easy.  We lined up the 3rd card (yellow 2) on the front sheet, to the 7th card on the middle strip.

Did the exact same thing with the back sheet. Lined up the 3rd card ( blue 5) with the 7th card on the middle strip.

This next step is going to take a little time and patients.  You are going to fold the edges around so the sides line up.  Start with the front and work only one side at a time. 

Slowly bend the side around the edge and attach the Duct tape to the inside. If you make a mistake don't stress, you can still pull the duct tape up without to much trouble.  Just go slow.

Once you have one side done, move on to the next side. When it is all finished press down on the duct tape and smooth it out. Make sure it is stuck well.  When you are done, flip it over and do it again for the back side.

Again when you are all finished, the the sides line up the way you want them, press down and smooth out the Duct Tape to make sure it is sealed.
Cut off any extra cards and trim up the opening at the top.

Then add the clear tape to the sides, the same way you added them to the front and the back panel of cards.
Again we think the contact paper would be easier, just because you can cut one strip. Go slow, and smooth out so there are no air bubbles.

And there you have it a playing card purse.

Now go party!!


  1. How did this purse wear? It doesn't seem to have much strength to hold all the junk I would throw in it?
    Love the idea I'm going to try it with Phase 10 cards for a niece.

    1. Laura,
      Thank you very much! It is defently more of a every so often purse. It will hold up well if you take care of it. But as an everyday purse that gets tossed and banged around, I am not sure it would survive long.

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  3. Could'nt you also just use a clear apoxy of some kind to protect and strengthen the sheet?


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