Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man Cave - Licence Plate Dust Pan

Mr. Awesome said we needed a project for the guys.  Something for the man cave.  So here it is:

Licence Plate Dust Pan.

What you will need:

Licence plate
old pot or pan
misc. screws,nuts and bolts
weather stripping from a door
drill and bits
glue (we used super glue)
someplace to work other then the kitchen table.

First, remove the handle from the old pot or pan.

 Make sure you recycle the pot or pan.

On the top of the licence plate, at the corners make a cut at 45 degrees. (Just do your best guess work.)

Make the cuts about an inch deep. Only make the cuts on the top, not the bottom. Do this on both sides.

Flip the licence plate over. On the edge of a piece of wood or your work bench, line up the cuts you just made, and clamp the licence plate down.

Bend the licence plate down along the edge of the work surface.

Now bend the tab corners in to make a 90 degree angle.  At first we just bent the edge in, however to get a straighter bend, use the edge of your work surface like before.

Do this for both ends.

Now flip over the licence plate again and fold in both the side edges to line up with the tabs you just folded.

We changed something at this point. You don't have to, we just liked the way it looked.  In the picture below you will notice on the side edges that we folded up, the tabs are inside. We said to fold the back tabs first (above) this would have put the side tabs in the back. However after looking at this we decided we wanted the side tabs to be on the inside and the back tabs to be on the out side. This is an easy fix. Just bend the tabs from the back to their original place. Fold the tabs from the sides in at a 90 degree angle, then fold the back tabs again.  (pictures below)

With a pair of pliers pinch the tabs together and square it up the best you can. Make sure you do this for both corners. At this point you should have what looks like a three sided box.

Now stand the licence plate up on the back edge and secure it with clamps.  

Drill a hole near the corner.  The hole should go through the side tab and the back edge. Do this at both corners.

Now flip the licence plate on to one of the sides and drill another small hole near the corner. This time the hole will go through the side edge and the back tab. Again do this at both corners. There will now be, near each corner, two holes, for a total of four holes.  Time to add the screws, nuts and bolts.

Again stand the licence plate on the back edge and secure with clamps.  This time drill one hole in the back edge right in the middle. This is where the handle will be screwed in.

We had to search for a little bit for a screw that would work. The screw that connected the handle to the pan was not long enough. We searched through the catch all drawer and found one that worked.  Attach the screw with a nut and bolt to the handle.

Take a piece of used weather stripping from a door and cut it to size. Then using glue (we used super glue) attach it to the only edge that has not been folded.

Give it a few minutes to dry.

And there you have it!  A dust pan fit for a man cave!!