Friday, April 1, 2011

Newspaper Trash Bag

Three "cool things" about the Awesome house,  one we try hard to throw as little away as possible.  Now don't get us wrong, we are long way from perfect.  But we are leaps and bounds better then what we were even a year ago. (Last year we started a Worm Compost!  Watch for a "cool things" diy project next month on that subject.) Our goal, at some point in our life time, is to be a trash free house. But, as we work to that goal, we still have things that are thrown away.

The second thing about our family, as if you didn't already know, we love DIY!!  Recycled projects are our favorite, but we are all over anything that gets our creative juices running.

The third thing about our household; we dislike plastic. We do recycle as much as we can, although there are questions raised about the cost, in terms of money and to the environment, in recycling plastic. We reuse a lot of plastic in our DIY projects; fusing plastic together to make something new is one example. Plus we have eliminated plastic by switching to canvas bags and reusable (check it out here) fruit and veggie bags.

However, there has been one piece of plastic we just could not get around.

The Trash Bag.

This ends today!!

Here is what you need.

Trash Can
News paper. 

We have read, and have watched people line their trash bins with newspaper, placing newspaper on the bottom and pressed on the sides of their trash bins. Our project is different.  We are going to make a newspaper trash bag. It is super easy. Just basic origami, only on a little larger scale.   (you don't need to be perfect at it, this project is very forgiving.)

Gather up 12 full sheets of newspaper. (not the single pages) 

Lay out one sheet unfolded.

Take the next sheet and overlap the first sheet to the middle crease.

Now with the third sheet add it to the bottom about one quarter of the way up.

Then add the fourth sheet next to it, overlapping to the middle crease.

You should have 4 sheet of paper in front of you, interlocked in sort of a square shape.  (it doesn't need to be a perfect square.)

Now just repeat the same steps with the next four sheets.

Start in the upper left corner, add a full sheet.

Then add the next sheet, overlapping to the middle crease.

And so on and so on. Until you have all 12 sheets in place.

Now take the upper left corner and fold it down to the lower right corner. Making a triangle.  Crease the folded edge really well.

Next take the lower left corner.

Fold it to about the middle of the right edge. Then crease the fold.

(Talk about putting "about the middle" to good use on that fold!!)

Next take the top corner and fold it down to the what is now the left bottom corner. (It is the corner Mr. Awesome is pointing to in the picture.)

Crease the fold.

This is the shape that should be in front of you.

Next, at the very top separate three of the sheets of news paper.

Take those three sheets and fold down.

Crease the fold. It should now look like this.

Now flip over.

Fold over the last three sheets.

Open at the top...

...and stick the biodegradable trash bag into your trash can.


Awesome, and best of all environmentally friendly!!

Later plastic trash bag, this is one family that will not miss you!!


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