Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recycled VHS Tape Halloween Wreath

Ok, after a semi busy summer and a visit to Art Prize this weekend, we are ready to get back in the saddle and make some cool things. We all have a VHS tape collecting dust some where in the house; or have been to a yard sale where they are giving them away. What to do with it? Throw it out?  Recycle it?  Hmmmm....... Bing!!  (that is the light bulb going off above my head)  Since Halloween is around the corner why not take that VHS Tape and make a new and cool wreath!   Awesomeness!!

Here is what you will need:

VHS Tape(s)
Misc Halloween Stuff
Screwdriver (not pictured)

Start by removing the screws from the VHS Tape.

Remove the cover.

Remove the reels of tape

Cut away the reel with no tape.

Recycle the plastic parts. (or even better..... reuse them)

Attach the end of the tape to the wreath with glue.  We used hot glue for this project but use what you like!!

Then wrap the tape around the wreath.

Once the tape is wrapped around the wreath cut off the extra and glue it to the back side of your wreath.

Now add your decorations!! We used some spooky signs, eye balls and glow in the dark snakes!  OOOOHHHH!! (my not so scary ghost noises)   Simple, yet so cool!!

And there it is!!! A recycled VHS Tape Halloween Wreath!!  We keep telling people recycled project are the coolest; I think this wreath helps prove it!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have been meaning to.....

Ok, well like every summer, we get caught up in all kinds of crazy things and have a tendency to push the blog further down the list of things to do.  But who can blame us.....camping, car racing, little league, wrestling pigs, fixing the house. Ok, the last one could have been pushed further down the list, the point is we are gearing up and ready to go.  After the holiday weekend we will get back to blogging about some cool recycled, upcycled,  re-purposed (what ever you want to call them) projects.  We worked on some really cool things this summer, some are simple, some include duct tape (like we wouldn't have one cool duct tape project.... or two.... or three......) and others take a little time.  But all of them are freaking awesome!!!  So how about a teaser? Here are some pictures of up coming really cool things!